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While I remember it…

Another Snapey (good word that) excerpt – bit of a rough recording really, but it gets the idea across –

Here’s a photo of the Kiln Room in the new complex at Snape Maltings. You can’t see it in the picture but the ceiling funnels up to a central chimney to er, dry the malt I suppose (I’ll stand corrected on that).

Sian, Rebecca & Jeremy in the Kiln Room - Sep '11

The point is that it creates a great sound – diffused but with a great deal of woody warmth.


Snape – September

Part of our professional development process is, wonderfully, improvising and composing with our friends and colleagues Sianed Jones, Rebecca Askew and Jeremy Avis at Snape Maltings as guests of Aldeburgh Music. Brilliantly inspiring place of course as just a quick wander to the estuary will attest…

Wind Ride the Reeds

We worked in the Kiln Room – a fantastic space. One of our composition games was to write a piece in 30′ Here’s Jeremy’s: