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Wintersongs Norwich Dec 3rd Programme Order

The order for the programme on the 3rd at St John’s Catholic Cathedral will be as follows:

1st half – Human Music

2nd half – The Voice Project Choir with Human Music, Andy Sheppard (sax) and Adrian Lever (keyboard)

The Tower                                          

A Crowded Catacomb of a Ceiling

I Saw No Way (378)                          

Glossolalia Part 3                            

Star Bird & Autumn                       

Desert Places                                    


Who Crouches In the Aisles          

Darest Thou Now O Soul    

The rehearsal last night in the Small Meeting House sounded really good (even if we were a little cramped). Obviously there are corners which need looking at but we’ve got time. If there are any parts of the music which you feel need revision, then please do your best to look over them with the help of the materials on the members’ area of the website: here.


New Glossolalia alto mixes


We’ve made recordings of the separated alto parts of Glossolalia for you to listen to here. It was a bit confusing before when the two parts were mixed together. We’ve deleted the previous alto version. You’ll find these new recordings as 1 and 2 of the recording list. If you have problem accessing them through the Voice Project website, you can find them on the internet here. (Scroll down for it – the Alto parts are 51 & 52)

New mp3s and score of ‘Mass’ online

We’ve revamped the recordings and scores of this piece to simplify this and make it easier to sing. The piece will start with the small ensemble, Human Music singing though the piece. Andy Sheppard will improvise. The choir will come in as indicated by the new score – each part singing 14 bars which will repeat a number of times.

The recordings are up already here the score will be very soon.

(If you can’t see the new stuff, try reloading page or refreshing cache).


Queen Elizabeth Hall

To the QEH on London’s South Bank to see a great gig as part of the London Jazz Festival. hard to believe that we were here just two years ago. Actually, Gwilym Simcock was performing here again with his band The Impossible Gentlemen – an amazing line-up also featuring Mancunian guitarist Mike Walker who is a revelation: an extraordinary fusion of Scofield, Stern, Metheny and Jeff Beck and a rhythm section of Steve Rodby (ex-Pat Metheny sideman) on bass and pugilist-powerhouse Adam Nussbaum on drums. The best numbers were the ballads. An off-kilter 7/4 bossa with Gwilym on melodica really stood out as did a beautiful pianissimo unison between bass and guitar.

But we were there to see Steve Swallow’s band, the headliners of the show. There was Carla Bley playing spooky Hammond and a great fat-toned tenor player, Chris Cheek. Very lovely 60s-inflected tunes. Here they are looning about backstage afterwards…

Gwilym far left; Carla laughing in the middle; Steve Swallow stooping right

Destination London – then Newcastle/Gateshead – phew!

Train to London to meet up with John and Martel from Serious – great to grab an hour with them seeing as the wonderful London Jazz Festival is starting. Some very interesting future collaborations were mooted. Watch this space…

Walked to King’s Cross for Newcastle-bound train for evening Wintersongs Human Music rehearsal at the Sage Gateshead. Bleary morning – more meetings, more exciting future musical possibilities… quickest squint at the Turner prize nominees at the Baltic– back on the train to sunny Norwich

Central Station - Newcastle

More Summersongs photos from Normandy

A few more photos from Coutances, Normandy from last July. It’s good to see these as the weather starts to get grey and damp here. We’ve done quite a bit of work in Normandy over the past couple of years. First working with Jazz Sous Les Pommiers on Andy Sheppard‘s Glossolalia.

Andy Sheppard & The Voice Project Choir cond. Sian Croose May 2010 Jazz Sous les Pommiers


It took us a while to find our preferred mode of transport to this bit of France. They’ve all got their stresses.

The flying option:

"...three hail marys, four our fathers..."

Driving, the weekend before Wintersongs 2010 –

slightly snowbound

Or, hands down winner, Brittany Ferries with breakfast…

7.30am from Portsmouth

Always worth it when we get there of course.


Summertime in Coutances

Our friends (and great organisers) Monika and Jean-Pierre.

(L-R) Monika (organiser extraordinaire), JB, SC, Jean-Pierre

For Summersongs this year, we worked hard to get the concert programme together – an hour of music, performed in the beautiful acoustic of the seminary chapel of Les Unelles.

Nearly the dress rehearsal

UEA Music Department

For those of you who haven’t seen the UEA Music Department’s official response to the UEA review recommending department closure, it’s here. It appears the review body didn’t consult the music faculty.

… and if you haven’t yet signed the petition, it’s here (as is a way to contact the Vice Chancellor). If the department goes, it’s gone – probably never to be reinstated.

PDF Scores on website

We’ve put the Wintersongs scores on the website as PDFs for download – most of them that is – will try and complete the process. Just go to the page (click here), enter username & password and then scroll down past the audio files to the PDFs and follow the instructions.