More Summersongs photos from Normandy

A few more photos from Coutances, Normandy from last July. It’s good to see these as the weather starts to get grey and damp here. We’ve done quite a bit of work in Normandy over the past couple of years. First working with Jazz Sous Les Pommiers on Andy Sheppard‘s Glossolalia.

Andy Sheppard & The Voice Project Choir cond. Sian Croose May 2010 Jazz Sous les Pommiers


It took us a while to find our preferred mode of transport to this bit of France. They’ve all got their stresses.

The flying option:

"...three hail marys, four our fathers..."

Driving, the weekend before Wintersongs 2010 –

slightly snowbound

Or, hands down winner, Brittany Ferries with breakfast…

7.30am from Portsmouth

Always worth it when we get there of course.


Summertime in Coutances

Our friends (and great organisers) Monika and Jean-Pierre.

(L-R) Monika (organiser extraordinaire), JB, SC, Jean-Pierre

For Summersongs this year, we worked hard to get the concert programme together – an hour of music, performed in the beautiful acoustic of the seminary chapel of Les Unelles.

Nearly the dress rehearsal


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