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Just to remind… this week’s Singing the City rehearsal is on Thursday!

…in the Friends Meeting House. See you then.

First bunch of Singing the City rehearsal demos up on Voice Project website

Just go to the members’ area – type in username and password and listen and/or download the demo audio files of Helen Chadwick’s ‘Illa Lucem Extendebat’ and Jonathan Baker’s piece ‘Into Dusk Into Day’. There’s more to follow. One more thing, you’ll need a Flash-enabled device as no iPods or iPads will do it…

Good luck!



Singing the City Great 1st rehearsal

Orlando Gough’s “All Shall Be Well” sounded really good and we still have two parts to add –  it will be ‘luminous’…

Coast Choir – new photos

Here are some photos of the Coast Choir we’re running on the North Norfolk coast each Monday evening. Annie Edwards’s pictures manage to make the Cromer Community Centre look almost exotic…

Listening to "Na He"

Raffaela Barker talking about "sea texts"

Uma - A study in patience







Wintersongs Norwich Dec 3rd Programme Order

The order for the programme on the 3rd at St John’s Catholic Cathedral will be as follows:

1st half – Human Music

2nd half – The Voice Project Choir with Human Music, Andy Sheppard (sax) and Adrian Lever (keyboard)

The Tower                                          

A Crowded Catacomb of a Ceiling

I Saw No Way (378)                          

Glossolalia Part 3                            

Star Bird & Autumn                       

Desert Places                                    


Who Crouches In the Aisles          

Darest Thou Now O Soul    

The rehearsal last night in the Small Meeting House sounded really good (even if we were a little cramped). Obviously there are corners which need looking at but we’ve got time. If there are any parts of the music which you feel need revision, then please do your best to look over them with the help of the materials on the members’ area of the website: here.


New Glossolalia alto mixes


We’ve made recordings of the separated alto parts of Glossolalia for you to listen to here. It was a bit confusing before when the two parts were mixed together. We’ve deleted the previous alto version. You’ll find these new recordings as 1 and 2 of the recording list. If you have problem accessing them through the Voice Project website, you can find them on the internet here. (Scroll down for it – the Alto parts are 51 & 52)

New mp3s and score of ‘Mass’ online

We’ve revamped the recordings and scores of this piece to simplify this and make it easier to sing. The piece will start with the small ensemble, Human Music singing though the piece. Andy Sheppard will improvise. The choir will come in as indicated by the new score – each part singing 14 bars which will repeat a number of times.

The recordings are up already here the score will be very soon.

(If you can’t see the new stuff, try reloading page or refreshing cache).