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Happy New Year from The Voice Project

Happy New Year to all from the Voice Project. And here’s how you can get involved in our singing activities in 2014. No previous experience necessary.




Voice Project Courses Spring 2014

New January courses: Men’s Voices, Singing from Scratch, Tuning In and of course recruitment for the taster session to sing in the Voice Project Choir all happening here No experience needed. To book a place – VocalSpring

Nocturne – a new winter show by The Voice Project Saturday December 14th

This Saturday at Norwich Cathedral – two evocative, seasonal shows (7 & 9pm) with The Voice Project Choir and Human Music. Songs by Helen Chadwick, Karen Wimhurst, Meredith Monk and Jonathan Baker. Words by Tennyson, Andrew McDonnell, Kathleen Raine, Maura Dooley and Agnes Lehoczky. Tickets from Norwich Arts Centre for the 7pm performance and the 9pm performance and from the Cathedral Shop – 01603 218450


The Voice Project at Norwich Cathedral (photo by Phil Sayer)


Sunday rehearsal for Nocturne

24 hours in Languedoc Roussillon

With all this new music for Ideas of Flight and only one possible window to rehearse with Trio Zéphyr, there was nothing for it other than to make a whistlestop trip across to see them for a rehearsal where they live in south-eastern France. The only way we could make it work with choir rehearsals was by flying into Montpellier and returning from Marseille all made slightly stressful with strikes by French airport security and SNCF. Well, we made it in the end and arrived back in Norwich from Stansted at 7.28 ready for our 7.30pm choir practice. It was all worth it though: the rehearsal was good and of course, spring in that part of the world is a good two weeks further forward than here.


(L-R) Marion, Sian, Delphine and Claire

Salasc near(ish) Montpellier where Delphine Chomel from Trio Zéphyr lives

Salasc near(ish) Montpellier where Delphine Chomel from Trio Zéphyr lives


Learning the pieces off by heart

With all the music there is to learn, we thought it would be a good idea to itemise a few methods for learning off by heart. Some of them are really obvious but I hope it will be useful if you’re not used to doing this kind of thing. Of course, everyone learns at different speeds in different ways.  a combination of approaches can help. Some people will probably have learned their parts already. Anyway, for those who haven’t, here are some pointers:

  • Take your time – cramming the information doesn’t work as it all becomes a jumble. Being methodical definitely helps.
  • Break things into manageable sections – e.g. an eight-bar sequence.
  • Write the words down.
  • Listen on repeat – not necessarily with full attention: in the car or in the kitchen is good.
  • Sing along as much as possible.
  • Look over the piece whenever you have some free time.
  • Read the poem through as it helps to know what the piece is about.
  • Use a combination of the mixes and the ‘enhanced’ parts.
  • Some people learn music best when asleep (headphones advised for this…)
  • Try to memorise one line at a time, starting with the first. Cover it up and try to repeat it, move to the next etc
  • Try to learn the ‘shape’, the ‘form’ of the song.

Good luck and if anyone has other effective tips for helping to learn by heart then please reply to this post.

Men’s Voices at the Friends Meeting House Tuesday15th Jan

Happy New Year!

Come and sing in a brand new Men’s Voices  course. The four weekly sessions take place at The Friends Meeting House, Upper Goat Lane Norwich NR2 1EW starting on Tuesday 15th January at 7.30pm. No previous experience is necessary nor is the ability to read music: everything is taught by ear. This is an opportunity to dust off your vocal cords for the new year in a friendly and supportive environment and also provides a gateway to the new Voice Project Choir Commission for the Norfolk & Norwich Festival 2013 “Ideas of Flight”