Working with Struan Leslie

We had two great sessions with Struan (ex-director of music at the Royal Shakespeare Company) at the Sainsbury Centre today. We were planning and plotting the movement for the spaces at the Sainsbury Centre for The Observatory in May. This is Struan’s photo of choir members coming up the ramp.

Coming up the ramp (Photo - Struan Leslie)

Coming up the ramp (Photo – Struan Leslie_


The Sound of Space

Very interesting piece on BBC Radio 4 about the Sound of Space. Mostly, these are ‘sonifications’ of processes sped up or slowed down many times to create something in the human audible bandwidth. For those who didn’t hear the programme it’s still on the iPlayer. Link here

Lost & Found Reunion 13/5/15

Lovely to see everyone tonight. And great to dust off some of the Lost & Found songs to record – a bit like getting the decorations out again…

Rehearsing brass for Souvenir – London

Sounding good from the off. Here’s Yusuf and Jamie playing Chant #souvenir


“A month ago…

…. none of this existed” Sian said on the train to London. We were looking through the pile of music we’ve got that’s been commissioned for Souvenir for the Norfolk & Norwich Festival. It’s amazing that all this work has been created and now we’re off to our usual Marylebone Lane haunt to rehearse with the Voice Project Quintet and try to visualise the next bit…

Souvenir Rehearsals

It was great to have our friends –  brilliant composer Orlando Gough and consultant director at the rehearsal on Tuesday evening along with Emma Bernard. We mainly focussed on Orlando’s pieces, Red Herring, When I am Laid and These Are The Things We Have Lost.

Red Herring is being recorded and will be on the site shortly but These are the Things and When I am Laid in Earth are up as demos. It would be good if as many people as possible could listen to them before next week.

Voiceproject members area

Ideas of Flight 2014 – a return to St Benet’s Abbey

In collaboration with Norfolk Archaeology Trust, The Voice Project is returning to St Benet’s Abbey in June 2014 to mark the culmination of the two-year Conservation, Access and Community project in June 2014 –  and you can join in!

Local singers are invited to take part in two performances of the piece, at 8.00pm on Monday 16 & Tuesday 17 June 2014, staged in the extraordinary landscape of the Broads and the ruins of St Benet’s Abbey.  You don’t have to be able to read music as everything is taught by ear, and The Voice Project has recordings of all the music for you to download.

If you’d like to find out more, and are available for the performance dates in June, please come along to the free taster session on Sat 25th January 2014 2.00-4.00pm at Ludham Village Hall. Free but booking essential:


Ideas Of Flight credit JMA PHOTOGRAPHY-1045

St Benet’s Abbey, Ideas of Flight, The Voice Project, Norfolk & Norwich Festival May 2013 (JMA Photography)