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Desert Places

A recording of Desert Places from Wintersongs 2011 – recorded in St John’s Catholic Cathedral, Norwich December 3rd 2011.


Wintersongs with Andy Sheppard

Thanks to everyone for being so supportive in challenging circumstances. The concert at St John’s Cathedral last night really worked. The choir was fantastic and Andy’s playing transcendental. Brilliant work from Ollie Riches and Alan Burgess on lights and sound respectively. We’ll post some pictures up here as soon as we have them. We also wish Sian good luck with the operation on her ankle tomorrow and a really speedy recovery.

New mp3s and score of ‘Mass’ online

We’ve revamped the recordings and scores of this piece to simplify this and make it easier to sing. The piece will start with the small ensemble, Human Music singing though the piece. Andy Sheppard will improvise. The choir will come in as indicated by the new score – each part singing 14 bars which will repeat a number of times.

The recordings are up already here the score will be very soon.

(If you can’t see the new stuff, try reloading page or refreshing cache).