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Happy Christmas

To everyone who’s taken part, helped or been part of the audience, we just wanted to say Happy Christmas.

With very best wishes for 2012

Sian & Jon

Graphic design by Paul Flack

We thought we’d mention Paul as he’s been doing some great work over the past couple of years for The Voice Project and many people have asked for more details. His most recent piece of work for us was the lovely Scandanavian-influenced design for Wintersongs 2011.

Wintersongs - 2011 poster Design Paul Flack

This was just one of several designs put forward for the project – each one was excellent: this seemed to fit the atmosphere (and temperature!) of the concert best. Very characteristic in Paul’s work are the symbols: the great futurist snowflake design for example.

Another striking piece was for the pamphlet for this year’s Vocal Invention 3.

Pamphlet for Vocal Invention 2011

Here’s a varied collection of some of Paul’s other work. We look forward to working with him more in the future.

Basil Kirchin Album design (for Trunk Records)

Moon Poster

Hand in a cloud of paper


Basil Kirchin album cover (for Trunk Records)


Tristram Cary album cover (for Trunk Records)


  • The Brute Chorus (Trunk Records)

Short biography: Originally working from his studio in the East End of London Paul Flack is a freelance graphic designer now based in Norwich.

Coming from an untrained background but gaining a wealth of experience through the print trade, Paul’s love for design and a phony portfolio is all it took for him to work his way into his first real position working for Soho-based Blam (Most noted for changing the face of movie posters with the ‘Trainspotting’ campaign).

As a day to day designer, FLACK’s diverse body of work covers design, illustration and branding projects for music, arts, fashion and book publishing . His work has been seen in many publications including Creative Review, Design Week, Die Gestalten Verlag, Dazed & Confused and Vogue. Recent clients have ranged from the ultra hip Amelias Magazine, to the ultra local Norwich City Council, with stops along the way at familiar global brands like EMI, River Island and Tottenham Hotspur FC.

Paul can be contacted at



Desert Places

A recording of Desert Places from Wintersongs 2011 – recorded in St John’s Catholic Cathedral, Norwich December 3rd 2011.

Darest Thou Now O Soul Wintersongs 2011

We’re just going through the recording from the concert. There are some good things here and we’ll post a few on this blog. The first one is ‘Darest Thou Now O Soul’. Some amazing playing from Andy Sheppard here; occasional clicks and pops from the sound equipment (sorry – I can’t edit them all out). Great ending though.


A couple of photos from Wintersongs 2011

A blue one…

St John's bathed in blue


…and a red one…

Deep red

Sian in the N&N

Here’s Sian today (Tuesday) after the operation on her ankle sporting a rather fetching blue cast (very much ‘de rigueur’ this season we’re told). She’s in some pain but in good spirits and she should be out of hospital either Wednesday or Thursday. Hooray!

Latest footage



Wintersongs with Andy Sheppard

Thanks to everyone for being so supportive in challenging circumstances. The concert at St John’s Cathedral last night really worked. The choir was fantastic and Andy’s playing transcendental. Brilliant work from Ollie Riches and Alan Burgess on lights and sound respectively. We’ll post some pictures up here as soon as we have them. We also wish Sian good luck with the operation on her ankle tomorrow and a really speedy recovery.